Don’t waste viable food energy!

I think this Meatless Monday was quite successful. I have a good friend visiting from overseas, and he helped me cook, along with my mom. We had some people over last weekend and we had a ton of leftover tzatziki sauce, so I found a recipe in one of my mom’s cookbooks for fried eggplant with tzatziki sauce. We also had a lot of mint from this farm share I luckily got in on a few weeks ago, so we roasted potatoes with garlic and mint.


The potatoes turned out especially well. The eggplant wasn’t as well received as the potatoes, but I really liked it. Regardless, no one missed meat, as usual.

I’m going to try to make this quick because I have to get up early for work but I really want to post this on Monday. The reason of the week for eating less meat is that it is inherently energetically inefficient. All energy that we can consume is originally captured from the sun by photosynthesizing plants. When we eat plant material, we get a proportion of the energy of which it consists. And then when animals (including us) eat plants, a lot of the energy goes to parts of the animal we can’t consume or gets released as heat. So we lose a lot of the original energy provided by the sun when we rely on animals for food. It makes very little sense for us to get a high proportion of our energy intake from animals. We can provide the necessary caloric intake for all the people of the world much more easily and efficiently on a plant based diet than on an animal based one. Such a high proportion of the grain produced in the US is fed to cattle, the meat of which feeds a much smaller number of people than the grain itself would. I hope all of that makes sense. It seems to me, what with the way the world’s population is projected to grow, that leaning towards a plant based diet is the only way to conceivably continue to feed the world.



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