A Wake Up Call?

Happy Labor Day, everyone. For me that means no classes, which is sweet. Not that I don’t like my classes–I really do! I just really needed the extra day to sleep. You see, this semester my classes start every day at 8 or 9 AM, which is very early for a college student. And I am not the best sleeper to begin with, so I have to make sure I get to bed very early in order to ensure that I am getting any kind of sleep worth having. It hasn’t been so bad this week, but once all my extracurriculars get into full swing, I anticipate feeling exhausted way more often than I did last year, when my classes started at 10 or 11. 

This state of affairs makes drinking coffee very tempting.

It surprises most people that I have gotten this far in life without ever drinking coffee. Oh sure, I’ve tasted it, and I used to love those ridiculously indulgent frappucino thingys. But I’ve refrained from becoming a regular coffee drinker for two main reasons: 

  1. I don’t like black coffee, so I’d have to add milk and sweetener to it to make it enjoyable, which violates my don’t-drink-your-calories rule that works for me in terms of weight maintenance.
  2. I am very wary of using any kind of drug to solve a problem that doesn’t really need one, and caffeine is definitely a drug. I never want to have to rely on any substance to keep me awake, or put me to sleep. I generally don’t take medicine for colds either. 

As for number 1, this could be overruled by using noncaloric sweeteners like stevia and maybe just a bit of almond milk or something. Number 2 I can’t avoid.

Interestingly enough, moderate coffee drinkers (statistically) have a lower risk of cancer. Caffeine has also been shown to improve athletic performance when timed appropriately. There seems to be benefit from that daily cup of joe. But that doesn’t exempt me from getting addicted to it. Or from experiencing unintended side effects. Too much caffeine can definitely be harmful. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Are you pro or anti coffee? Should I give in?


One thought on “A Wake Up Call?

  1. I know a lot of people feel the same way that you do for reason #2, but I still find myself confused by it. It’s nice to say you don’t need any help to do a job that you could do on your own, but what if you could do a better job? What if you could (to use your example) be sick for a shorter period of time, or more relevantly become more focused on your daily tasks. What if you didn’t find it as necessarily addictive, but rather as a tool? I think about it as if I had a broken bone, mental condition, or even a deficiency in a certain area in school. Yes, I can still function as a human being, but why deprive myself of becoming a better person? Just some thoughts is all…

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