A Vegan Meal for the Books

You probably already know that I’m a proponent of reducing the amount of animal products in our diets, for a variety of reasons, including eating more plant based foods, reducing chronic disease, wasting less energy and natural resources, reducing greenhouse gases, reducing animal cruelty, increasing food safety, and increasing worker justice. I’ve gotten used to the idea of a tasty, filling meal that doesn’t include meat, but I know that there are plenty of people that can’t imagine a satisfying meal without meat or dairy. Well last night I went to a vegan restaurant that would wow even a hard-core carnivore. Just take a gander:

Portabello carpaccio


Rutabaga fondue (I know it sounds weird but I could NOT get enough)


savory roasted carrots with various delicious accoutrements


hearts of palm and a vindaloo filled buckwheat crepe


grilled tofu that was incredibly fluffy with a delicious sauce and pistachio puree thingy


Maitake mushrooms


Grilled Romanesco (a funkier looking cauliflower type vegetable)


grilled seitan which looked and tasted remarkably like chicken


And that wasn’t even everything! We got a few more delicious plates, including dessert. I didn’t get a picture of the dessert because my family and I attacked it too quickly. The rest of the food was mouth-watering, but dessert is typically the highlight for me. And as someone who has said that she could never completely give up dairy solely because of dessert, I was wowed. The “ice cream” was indistinguishable from real ice cream. The layered chocolate peanut butter thing was everything I could have wanted.

I fail to see how anyone could miss meat or dairy or eggs after a meal like that.


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